Wednesday, January 7, 2009

life is full of suprise...'s is full of suprise...doesnt matter whether it's good or must goes on...some people dont like it that way..dont like things happened without warning or being prepared.but that 's life...things that u cannot control at all because u only human u can plan but it's depend on Allah ...only God knows... which full of suprise is never boring...that's is the's make ur adrenaline increase in your blood systems so u'll always alert...ur life is going to be up and down or fluctuate but never flattening which may be bored to some people...people who likes to live that way always like to try new things or try to take challenge. some people, they just dont like that they always been prepared for things that may or may not they can make sure that they know what to do and dont to make sure they are prepared for anything that come to them.
buttt..never forget is full of matter u like or not..when it's happened, u will realise that u are only a planner...then..u 'll say.."i never think a bout it..."

the question is what are going to do when things happened not like what u already plan??
are u going to go on or avoid it or run away???
what will u do if things happened really make u sad or dissapointed or hurt badly but yet...deep in your heart that u need that things as that things part of your life...???
are u going to throw away as u cant accept it ???
are u going to avoid it and try to keep it to yourself???
or are u going to understand it then decide it after that???
it's all depend on u because only u knows is really full of suprise..isn't it??...;p

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anissagiftshop said...

salam dr...

ooo wife zawardy ye. ni junior saya ke? heheheh...

pasal tilam kabu tu, saiz double tu besar sikit je dari single. Double (M) W115cm x L192cm.

kami jual dirumah, kat bandar baru selayang fasa 2b, batu caves. dok kat ipoh kan? utk tilam, delivery mahal sikit, tapi kalau jalan-jalan kat kuala kangsar, banyak jugak orang jual kekabu kat situ. kalau tak dapat, atau mmg nak beli dengan kami, insyaAllah kami akan poskan (cari courier termurah).